Family holiday house


project description

Šantek Stolarija & Karolina Kukec,

Alen Nemeček

The hallway that welcomes you into this house is tastefully furnished with a white console table that blends in with the color of the wall. An impressive, large mirror, combined with few decorations on the table, creates an interesting composition of the entrance space. Similar dynamics can be found in the living room. A combination of simple furniture and some interesting decorations gives the space freshness and liveliness, while the wooden floor enriches it with seriousness and warmth. A simple white chest of drawers with a blue-green vase tones in well with the painting above it, just as the cushions on the chairs in front of it do. The fireplace gives the space a romantic and warm atmosphere.

The kitchen is equipped with top-quality furniture. Its simplicity gives a feeling of sufficiency and stability. On the other hand, tastefully designed kitchen accessories, such as pepper and salt grinders, a wine holder, and a blackboard on the wall, give the space a relaxing and creative note.

There are beautiful stone wall claddings above the bathroom sinks with simple, large mirrors that provide a feeling of spaciousness. There is also an interesting white armchair that brings a pleasant and unusual charm to the bathroom.