Villa La Tina, Petrčane

A beautiful, open space with lots of natural light makes Villa la Tina special. The dark wood combined with the metal kitchen and dining table give the room a modern look. Meanwhile, interesting lighting and an illuminated glass display case add a touch of luxury.

Another attractive visual feature is the blue wallpaper with white details that decorates one of the walls in the kitchen and dining room, adding personality to the room and making it unique and interesting.

The other rooms are decorated using light colours that create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. Additional warmth is provided by some wooden elements that, together with the wallpaper, give character and charm to the bedrooms.

The combination of open space with plenty of natural light and touches of integrated artificial lighting is the main feature of this airy villa. On the other hand, the modern aesthetic of the kitchen and dining area, which adds an exciting touch, perfectly matches the pleasant and relaxed character of the overall space.