Villa La Thea

Villa La Thea exudes modern elegance and comfort. There is plenty of natural light and open spaces which makes it feel quite airy, with its spaciousness providing a sense of freedom and relaxation.

The kitchen, dining room and living room share a common space, creating a fluid and sociable atmosphere.

The gray tiles on the floor provide a neutral backdrop for the rest of the interior. The kitchen is made of white material with wooden details, which extend to the wall panels in the dining room, creating a warm and natural ambiance.
The upstairs bathrooms and bedrooms are decorated in shades of gray and white with wooden elements. Combined with unique details, they create a distinctive interior and add character to the rooms.

Thanks to its design, natural light and airy space, Villa La Thea evokes a feeling of spaciousness and comfort, and together with interesting details, makes an ideal environment to enjoy and relax.