Olive House


project description

Tea Horvat & Radovan Šobat / Log-urbis

Robert Leš

Placed in the southwestern slope along the coast of Stara Novalja Bay, this house is almost impossible to see from the sea. An appropriate relation to the local context, from the basic idea to the details, makes this family home unique.

Olive House is a house of duality and contrast. Introverted externally, extroverted internally. A simple, compact and closed canopy hides in its interior the glass atrium in which the olive tree grows. In that heart of the house, the boundary between the inner and outer spaces disappears. Stone and wood, materials that come from a local context dominate, neutrally followed by metal and concrete details. There is a sea view all through the house, and very frequent lights and shadows play as well as the seasons’ changes that give special pleasure to the viewer.