Liquid bar




Ana Perković,


Alen Nemeček

With its refined and elegant look, this bar attracts customers not only from the neighborhood, but from all over Velika Gorica and the surrounding area.

When redesigning the Liquid Bar, the guiding concept was the name itself, so that the backbone of the design is something flowing and delicate, but at the same time strong and attractive.

This concept is evident in every part of the bar, creating a modern brand.

The main bench is completely in keeping with the spirit of the space. The combination of lacquered OSB board, metal mesh, and lighting creates illusory waves that make the atmosphere interesting and dynamic.

The central bar has a calming effect and emphasizes the wide range of drinks on offer. It radiates the tranquillity of still water and offers the play of light and shadow. For this dynamic but calming play, we use glazed tiles and a mirror that makes the central bar stand out even more, especially in combination with the dark retro counter.

Golden details, wallpaper, mirrors, and flowing motifs woven into the space add a sophisticated and captivating touch.
Each corner of the room tells a little story about nature. On the terrace, lots of greenery and cloud-like elements connect the outdoor and indoor spaces through suspended artificial lighting, enhancing the overall experience.