Jewellery store Prahir, Zada

Timeless elegance and the seductive beauty of simple lines is one of the main features of the jewellery store Prahir. The lightness of this space, interwoven with refined elements such as marble, gold, white wood and glass, gives the interior a modern touch.
More than 150 m2 of this modern furnished space, characterized by simplicity, clean shapes and minimal decoration, give the store a discreet and refined look.

The spaciousness of the store, as well as the carefully selected furniture and comfortable materials, make the store cozy and stylishly recognisable.

When designing this space, special attention was paid to the use of luxurious materials and the choice of colors and shapes, which, together with the emphasized minimalism, give a sense of sophistication and opulence which is typical of most jewellery stores.

The aesthetics, functionality, and high-quality materials create an attractive and comfortable space that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.