Holiday house by the sea


Project description

Šantek Stolarija & Karolina Kukec,

Alen Nemeček

The blue sea, which reveals its beauty each time you look through the window, perfectly suits the white colour that dominates the house and gives a feeling of calm and stability. The bright rooms make the space cozy and airy. Its harmonious adaptation to other colors earned white a very good reputation, and as such, it is the most wanted part of the color palette.

High quality and very elegant-looking carpentry elements are made of glossy lacquered white MDF. The floor is covered with classic, but well-chosen large-format Carrara marble slabs and is in perfect harmony with the elements and walls. The combination of floor and carpentry elements increase the glamour of the space and make it rich and at the same time decent.

The interior is further enriched with glass fences that intensify its spaciousness. Red and yellow textiles make the change of rhythm in the colour palette vibrant. They bring playfulness and dynamics that enrich the space with a note of excitement and adventure.